“A year from now, you’ll wish you’d have started today.”

– Karen Lamb

Ron Jackson

Thinker, Poet, Actor.

Ronald Stephen Jackson, age 70, was a man of indelible wit, gregarious character, and audacious ideas. 

Born to educators George and Aurola “Rodi” Jackson in Morehead, KY in 1948, his love of literature and the arts was instilled early on. He sought fervently to weave together ideas and dreams, both for himself and those around him. A master of the written word, he penned poetry, prose, and plays that added rich color and texture to the world. These talents led him to create The Idea Farm, Inc. a marketing firm operated by Ron and his wife, Martha Jackson in Danville, KY. His unconditional love for his wife and children, Graham and Emma, drove his vivacity for life in every aspect. 

In lieu of flowers, donations to the Danville Community Arts Center or West T. Hill Community Theatre are greatly appreciated.


The Idea Farm, Inc. is an international marketing, advertising and public relations organization headquartered in Danville, Kentucky. Our work is truly international in scope as the company has served clients on four continents and has maintained offices in Den Haag, The Netherlands, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and Santiago, Chile.

Our work on behalf of some of the nation's most revered corporations and organizations springs from 39 years experience in developing award-winning marketing communications materials that assist in fulfilling overriding strategic marketing objectives.

While we assist our clients with all their marketing needs including advertising, public relations, graphic design, web design, copywriting, media production and countless other specialties, our focus is on strategic problem solving. We assist clients in accomplishing their broad, long-term goals through a variety of tactical approaches, all of which spring from a carefully wrought strategic plan.