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City Landing Page Builds Community and Connection

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Connect users with community resources, improve accessibility, simplify the user experience, increase site traffic

The City of Danville, Kentucky approached The Idea Farm with the goal of building a Community Landing Page to connect residents and visitors to the wealth of resources in the community. This project was a joint effort between the City government, County government, and the Economic Development Agency.

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Information Organization

The Idea Farm team led the discovery process of understanding how the information, resources, and community partners needed to be displayed on the new website to best benefit residents and visitors.

We discovered that residents wanted to do things like: easily pay their utility bills online, submit service requests, and view City meetings and agendas. So we designed a side menu with the most sought after information right at your fingertips.

User Experience

Our data also showed that website visitors were overwhelmed with the number of dropdowns and options in the navigation bar. To solve this, we simplified the user experience, instead choosing to provide help guides inside each main page to quickly connect users with what they’re looking for.

The result is a simple, modern website that connects users to every resource they might need including school systems, arts and entertainment venues, tourist attractions, business support resources, and more.



In order to make the website accessible for all kinds of visitors, everything from the color palette to the font size were carefully considered to be as inclusive as possible while still staying on brand. To ensure full ADA compliance, we also integrated an accessibility widget to the website that allows users to adjust the contrast, font readability, image visibility, and more with the touch of a button.


The City Government requested an easy, automated way for citizens to communicate with City departments for all their needs. We customized a CRM solution and implemented:

  • One contact form that automatically filters requests by department so that the right department gets the necessary request every time.
  • A chat widget that connects users with the City outreach office and allows the City to easily email and text with citizens.
  • Smart forms throughout the website that remember you and build your customer profile.

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