Classic Cuts

Downtown Barbershop Crushes the Competition

Paid Ads, Content Marketing, Social Media, Copywriting, Graphic Design
Increase revenue, Drive more customers to the monthly membership program, Brand Classic Cuts as an upscale barbershop experience

Classic Cuts Barbershop is Northwest Indiana’s premier high-end barbershop. They came to us during the pandemic because they were able to open their doors before neighboring communities and wanted to capitalize on the opportunity. We implemented a digital advertising, content marketing, and social media strategy that allowed them to reach new customers and led to a +100% growth year over year (going on 4 years!).

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Paid Ads: We ran ads across platforms to promote new services like a monthly membership program and to establish trust so that the shop could raise prices and increase the quality of their products.

Content Marketing: To ensure the shop keeps bringing in high-quality customers, we began producing top notch photo and video content for social media. The result has been higher engagement and an increase in regular customers. 

Social Media: Taking social media management off the plate of the Classic Cuts team was huge for them. They wanted to focus on what they do best and now they can. We make sure the highest quality, engaging content gets drafted and scheduled on a regular basis.

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