Science Communication Lab

Innovative Digital Solution For a Groundbreaking Educational Nonprofit

Graphic Design, UI/UX, Website Development
Create a cohesive website design for the Science Communication Lab that worked within the brand guidelines for their subsidiary companies, Educate and entice investors with a visually appealing but substantive web experience

SCL is a team of innovators, and they wanted their website to reflect that. Through months of conversation with their decision makers across the globe, we were able to help them refine what this could look like on their new website. We worked closely with an animation team to develop custom animations, giving their site movement that enhanced the content.

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The resulting website did exactly what we all hoped it would. It captured the essence of SCL in a memorable, innovative way. The website not only delivered an interactive user experience, but successfully united the individual companies as one team. This professional destination now serves as a powerful tool that allows SCL to approach potential investors with confidence.

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